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Entire Tamriel Landmass built into Skyrim.


I didn’t know if this was posted yet on tumblr, so I thought I’d do it. The landmass of almost all of the provinces in Tamriel, has been put into Skyrim. All which are inaccessible(without console commands) and which serve absolutely no purpose in the game. Why are they there? I personally don’t know. But take a look at the effort Bethesta put into these seemingly pointless landmasses.

At the south-eastern most part of Skyrim lays Stendarr’s Beacon. 

If you’ve looked at a map of Tamriel, you’ll know this is the closest place in Skyrim, to Morrowind.

If you travel directly North East of Stendarr’s Beacon, you’ll end up finding a path to your right, in between two huge mountains.

I noticed how beautiful the path really looked. It seemed quite enthralling actually for some reason.

The path is nestled between two mountains, decorated with trees, and at the end of it some type of gateway, or arch.

But, that open archway is the end of the road. The game doesn’t allow you to go any further. I find it strange, that there’s an area like this leading from Skyrim to Morrowind. Nowhere in the lore was this stone wall mentioned. And why would it be an open arch like that? Why not closed? Why is there a space at all between these mountains if we can’t go any further? As you can see there are still trees and foliage beyond this wall, but you aren’t able to access it without console commands.

So, I went into No-clip like the BAMF I am and travelled down this path.

Landmass photos below. 

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